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The Nu Klezmer Metal single

Khokhotshet: Details and Credits

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Recorded in "Soundroll" studio (Tel Aviv, Israel)
Produced, engineered, mixed and premastered by Gevolt, 2014-2015
℗ 2015 Gevolt Productions, Israel

Track list:

  • כאָכאָטשעט
  • 01
  • Khokhotshet


Vadim Weinstein:  Drums
Anton Skorokhodov:  Bass guitars
Vadim Raitses:  Guitars
Dmitry Lifshitz:  Synths, acoustic guitars
Eva Yefremov:  Violins
Anatholy Bonder:  Vocals, acoustic guitars

Guest musicians:

Gal Klein:  Clarinet
Vadim Katz:  Trombone

Special Thanx:

Leybl Botwinik:  Yiddish consulting

The First Yiddish Metal Album In The World is available for purchasing!

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