Nu Klezmer Metal Single is Out!

A new single is out as digital release.
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Latest News:

7th May, 2016

Thank you!!!!
It was Fucking Great!!!

6th April, 2015

Our overseas friends have raised a site called ALEFBASE, for all our Spanish-speaking fans! - Todo sobre GEVOLT en tu idioma!

2nd April, 2015

Released a Video for Khokhotshet !

25th March, 2015

Released a Nu Klezmer Metal single Khokhotshet!

20th March, 2015

4 years after AlefBase was released, we stop the free downloads of it.
Now available in every digital stores. CdBaby, iTunes, Amazon etc.

26th Januar, 2014

Gevolt was shown in news report in Russian language of 9 chan (Israel) Link


11th October, 2013

Today at 23:00 we are on Radio HaBeyntkhumi 106.2FM at Met Al Metal show Link

8th September, 2013

We had some changes in our line-up and now we're working on new songs. Stay tuned!

17st April, 2012

For all our fans in Mexico: Opened a Fun Club page on facebook! Go, join it - Link :)

21st February, 2012

Added Shop section with a new T-Shirt we did for you!
Soon we'll add more stuff... Shop section.

21st Januar, 2012

Metal Shock Finland posted an interview with Anatholy! (English)Press section.

8th January, 2012

Our first official video! Enjoy! Video section.

14th December, 2011

Watch a grandma of one our fans singing with us :) Video section.

8th August, 2011

Watch a new demo video from the last gig in our Video section.

17th July, 2011

The site is redesigned!

3rd July, 2011

A new lirycs video is out! play

2nd July, 2011

We've started to plan a North-America tour. Thanx to mr. Brody Matthews!

30th June, 2011

A new Gevolt North America twitter account is created!

21th May, 2011

Here's some updates:
- Now we have a twitter account
- LILT posted an interview with Gevolt
- Vadim and Eva Married!!!! MAZL TOV!!!!!!!

13th April, 2011

Well, guys and girls, we weren't winners yesterday, but we had a great time and made lots of friends. We have the greatest fan army in the world (where did you guys take all those Gevolt t-shirts?:):)) We go on with series of gigs in Israel and in any case plan to play summer-autumn european tour.
We wish lots of luck to Hammercult, who were chosen to represent Israel in Wacken. You guys r great, keep on rockin'!

1st April, 2011

GEVOLT is up to WOA: Metal Battle Israel FINALS!
Dear eisenkopfs, we'll need your support! Grand finale is at Sublime Club Tel-Aviv on 12th of april. Come to cheer us up!

29th March, 2011

A new site is up. TNX to mr. Designer, we hope to enjoy your staying here. Please, feel free to report us about any errors or navigation troubles. We appreciate our fans and will do as much as we can for you to keep enjoing GEVOLT's music.
Rock on, ezenkopfs!

22th March, 2011

Guys, we're up to semi-finals in Metal Battle Israel! Keep fingers crossed, semi-final contest is on 28 March. Stay tuned.

18th March, 2011

GEVOLT had a great photosession (big up to mr. Alex Freiter). Pics are comming soon.

The First Yiddish Metal Album In The World is available for purchasing!

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